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Team Camps

Our Multi Team Dream Camps are hosted at the United States Basketball Academy.  We combine skill focused training with unbeatable team building.  Whether your team is learning stunts, tumbling, or working on team building your team will being growing together.


Resident Camp


$425 per athlete

2023 Dates -

Oregon Moratorium week is July 23 - July 29

July 12 - 16

July 18 - 22 

July 23 - 26 (College teams)

July 30 - Aug 3 (Waitlist only)

Aug 3 - Aug 7 (Waitlist only)

Dream Camps offers a day ZERO for USBA CAMPS meaning teams can arrive the night before camp begins.  There is no additional cost for day zero!


2023 zero days: Arrival after 6pm

July 12, July 18, July 23, July 30, Aug 3

Camp Info Packet

Teams registered for camp can use this packet to prepare for camp! Updated to 2023

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