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Lodging and accomidations

Where do athletes stay at camp?

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Executive Lodges

Individual Camp Gold and Silver Package

Executive lodges are primarily used for staff, coaches and coed style groups.  Each lodge has 6 hotel style rooms that have their own bathroom.  Bedding is included for the queen bed, bunk beds require bedding from attendies.

Group Dorms

For large groups

Group dorms house between 18 and 32 athletes.  Sleeping is set up bunk bed style with 4 bunks on either side of the hallway.  Each dorm has two wings of bunk beds.  Shared bathrooms, and a coaches/counselor room.  Bedding not included.

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Medium dorms

Medium sized teams

Our medium sized dorms sleep up to 16.  Bunks have a dresser, closet unit beside them for storage of personal items.  Shared restroom, and a coach counselor room in each cabin.  Bedding not included.

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