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Oregon Coaches Training and Retreat 2023

July 22nd (arrival after 5pm) - July 25th

Join us for our first, hands on coaches training and retreat hosted at the McKenzie River Resort in Blue River Oregon.  This retreat and coaches training is open to All Star, youth and high school coaches wanting to progress their skills as a coach in a hands on learning environment.   Registration is just $275 for 3 nights and 2 1/2 days of training.


Hands on Stunting

Learn how to coach stunting working directly with groups.  Participate as much or as little as you like.  Have you ever wanted to understand a grip, we will be actively allowing coaches to build stunts with our demo's and staff.  We will cover twisting, releases, baskets and pyramids.  

Tumbling and Spotting

We will be offering hands on intensive tumbling coaches training in our tumbling sessions.  You will have the opportunity to learn to spot a variety of tumbling skills as well as techniques and progressions for building a stronger tumbling program.  Get hands on as much as you like, or observe and take videos and notes.

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Retreat and Refocus

Beyond the skills we will spend time discussing how to better run your program, practice planning, choreography work, and more.   We additionally will have sessions designed to build your team, and refocus ourselves mentally and emotionally.  This will be the perfect way to start out your season. 

Check out the schedule!

July 22nd - Arrival day 

5pm - 7pm - Arrival & Move in

7pm - 7:30 pm - Welcome and Orientation 

7:30 - 9:30 pm - Coaches welcome mixer - Beer, Wine, Appetizers

9:30 pm - activities end 


July 23rd 

7:00 am - optional group workout 

8:00 am - Breakfast 

9:00 am - Effective warmups and conditioning 

10:00 am  - Hands on spotting and drill building Beginners through back handsprings. 

11:00 am - Hands on stunting foundations and building stunt progressions

12:00 pm - Lunch 

1:00 pm - Understanding and changing choreography 

2:00 pm - Dance & Performance - Hands on how to build better performers 

3:00 pm - Hands on, Building flexibility in flyers 

4:00 pm - Season planning work shop 

5:30 pm - Dinner 

6:30 pm - Pool, cocktails, conversation 

8:00 pm - Routine watch party

July 24th 

7:00 am - Optional group workout 

8:00 am - Breakfast 

9:00 am - Hands on twisting stunts and progressions 

10:00 am - Mind blowing pyramids 

11:00 am - Hands on spotting and drills for layouts and above 

12:00 pm - Hike & Outdoor lunch, Culture workshop (Sahalie Falls) 

4:00 pm - Building better baskets 

5:00 pm - Practice Planning 

6:00 pm - BBQ cookout 

8:00 pm - Coaches Campfire 


July 25th 

7:00 am - Optional group meditation and reflection 

8:00 am - Breakfast 

9:00 am - Building competitive drive

10:00 am - Athlete accountability 

11:00 am - 90 day sprint excercise

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